Line Service Supervisor Training (LSST)

This popular seminar will provide your employee with a mix of technical and managerial material that every great supervisor can put into practice immediately. The technical side includes everything a line supervisor needs to know about fuel production and distribution, fuel quality, filtration, fuel delivery systems and additives. The management topics will enable attendees to come away with proven, effective ways of motivating employees, clarifying their expectations while providing positive approaches to disciplining and handling many personalities.

In addition, attendance at this seminar and completion of the FAA Verification Form satisfies the requirements of FAR Part 139.321 for fire safety training.

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Covered in this Seminar:

Day One, 8 AM – 5 PM

  • Introduction
  • Fuel Production & Specification
  • Fuel Distribution & Delivery Systems
  • Fuel Filtration Systems
  • Ensuring Fuel Quality
  • Line Service Exam
  • FAR Part 139 Fire Safety Training
  • FAR Part 139 Fire Safety Exam

Day Two, 8 AM – 5 PM

  • Becoming a Management Team Member
  • Using Your Supervisory Style Effectively
  • Clarifying Your Employee Expectations
  • Theories of Motivation & their Uses
  • Performance Appraisals: Make them Work for You
  • The Positive Approach to Discipline
  • Who Controls Your Right to Hire & Fire


Walter Chartrand
Reed Fuller
Jim Gammon
Carl Hammonds

David Newman
Rick McKenna
Frank Surface