Introducing NATA Safety 1st® Management System – SMS

The NATA Safety 1st® Management System will raise the bar on ground safety by reducing ground handling accidents and resultant insurance claims by 50% over the next five years.

SMS is a systematic, comprehensive program for the management of safety risks. The program integrates operations and technical systems with financial and human resource management for all activities related to aircraft ground operations.

For the first time aviation business will be able to measure safety and monitor improvements. SMS is a data driven, business approach to safety management. In common with all other management systems, SMS provides for goal setting, planning, and performance measurement. It concerns itself with organizational safety, which goes beyond conventional health and safety issues in a working environment.

The SMS program is created so that you can customize the comprehensive program for your individual organization. And the SMS program goes beyond the program development to provide you with ongoing support with a series of monthly newsletters called Safety 1st® eToolkit, and ongoing updates of industry lessons learned and best practices.

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