Program Elements (Printer friendly version)

More than two years in production, the PLST comprises more than five hours of video presentation, including 1,200 separate scenes, 3,000 video images and 700 computer graphics. Supported by detailed reference materials, testing materials, textbooks, and training manuals covering instructions, unique safety procedures, and color illustrations for refueling, towing and servicing 153 different aircraft. Designed for group, individual, directed and self-taught learning for both initial and re-current training. The program package includes the following four primary components:

10 – VHS Tapes
Modules 1 – 10 total over 6 hours of video that includes hundreds of images and computer-generated graphics.

In addition to the enhanced video presentation, the written curriculum and supporting documentation is on CD ROM for easy reproduction at your facility.

Employee Career Reference Guide (ECRG)
The 230+ page “Employee Career Reference Guide” (ECRG) is the textbook for each employee. Written in easy-to-understand language, it provides a summary of each module and comes with an extensive “Aviation Terms & Acronyms” section. A test packet, which includes a test for each module and totals over 300 questions, accompanies each ECRG.

Trainers Guidebook
This book guides the supervisor/trainer through the training process and provides detailed instruction plans and training checklists for each training module. The accompanying materials ensure a professional and organized training presentation.

Aircraft Service Guide (AGSG) and Aircraft Towing Guide (ATG)
These line operations resources provide diagrams, detailed towing guidelines and service data for aircraft and helicopters. Both Guides are designed to provide very specific information on many general aviation aircraft.

The NATA Safety 1st PLST program has been designed and intended for site specific use and is not designed to be shared amongst a number of FBO’s or other users. We have made it very economical to have additional copies of videos and CD ROMs at your other facilities. Copyright laws protect the program and its use is governed by a licensing agreement, which accompanies the program. 
Access the licensing agreement.

NATA Safety 1st provides certification to employees who successfully complete the PLST program, including review of all ten videos, review of the ECRG material, a passing score of 90% or better on each of the written tests and hands-on instruction. After the previously mentioned steps have been completed, each employee must submit the training verification form completed and signed by their trainer and a test application form in order to qualify for certification.