Manuals on CDROM

Along with the video presentation, the written curriculum and supporting documentation have been expanded and enhanced. A detailed Employee Career Reference Guide (ECRG), or workbook, reinforces the critical issues and supplements the video presentation. Designed as an initial and post-training reference tool for line service specialists, each student should have his or her own ECRG. The ECRG is used by each student to compile and maintain the large volume of training material used for initial certification and future recurrent training. Copies may be printed from the CD-ROM, as needed, to train line technicians.

The program also includes a detailed Trainers Guidebook, which offers an overview of how the PLST curriculum should be presented. This information is the foundation for faster and more effective learning. The guidebook provides procedures, checklists and section tests to document employee progress. A master copy of the Trainers Guidebook should be printed by your trainer.

The final element of the PLST is the Aircraft Ground Service Guide (AGSG) and the
Aircraft Towing Guide (ATG). These line operations resources provide diagrams, detailed towing guidelines and service data for aircraft and helicopters. Both Guides are designed to provide very specific information on many general aviation aircraft.