Fire Safety

This training module addresses the FAA’s hazardous substance handling requirements as specified under 14 CFR Part 139 Section 321. This module has been determined to be acceptable to the FAA for meeting Fuel Safety Training and addresses all aspect of fuel handing and fire safety at airports. Topics in Fire Safety include:

  • Introduction to Fire Safety
  • Training and Certification
  • The Fire Triangle
  • Properties of Fires
  • The Fire Tetrahedron
  • Extinguishing Principles
  • Extinguishing Agents
  • Fire Fighting Procedures
  • Hands-on Instruction
  • Safety Placards and Identification
  • Emergency Fuel Shutoff Controls
  • Dead-man Controls
  • Static Electricity
  • Bonding
  • Refueler Parking
  • Fuel Spill Handling Procedures
  • Control and Access to Fuel Storage
  • Top Loading Refuelers
  • Refueling Aircraft With Passengers On Board
  • Vehicle Access to Aircraft During Refueling
  • Refueling Procedures During Thunderstorms
  • Other Potential Ignition Sources

The fire safety section is a video-based training curriculum designed for the instruction of aircraft refueling personnel. The objective of the program is to teach personnel the proper and safe procedures for handling fuel, how to prevent potentially dangerous situations and how to safely react to fires involving aviation fuel.

The Employee Career Reference Guide (ECRG) section on Fire Safety is to be used during classroom instruction and “hands-on” training to reinforce key safety issues and procedures presented throughout the training phase. The ECRG can also be used as a reference guide after initial training and for recurrent training purposes. To meet the goal of providing employees with a complete package of training information, please provide each employee his or her own personal copy of the reading materials.

NATA provides certification to employees who successfully complete the PLST fire safety program, which includes viewing the video, reviewing of the ECRG material, a passing score of 90 percent or better on the written test and hands-on instruction, including live fire extinguisher training. Each employee must submit the completed “PLST FIRE SAFETY TRAINING VERIFICATION FORM” from the “Trainer’s Guide” in order to qualify for certification.