Continuing Education

NATA wants to help you better serve your customers by offering additional learning opportunities. Through continuing education, you and your team can enhance the professional skills needed to maximize personal and professional contributions to the day-to-day efficiency of your operation.


Line Service Supervisor Training

This popular seminar will provide your employee with a mix of technical and managerial material that every great supervisor can put into practice immediately. The technical side includes everything a line supervisor needs to know about fuel productiona dn distribution, fuel quality, filtration, fuel delivery systems and additives. The management topics will enable attendees to come away with proven, effective ways of motivating emplyees, clarifying their expectations while providing positive approaches to disciplining and handling many personalities.

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NATA’s Safety 1st Management System (SMS) brings you helpful assistance with your SMS manual. SMS Workshops are one-day implementation of their company’s SMS. We will conduct in-depth discussions on SMS concepts and provide helpful templates to assist with manual development. The workshops supplement the ongoing monthly Webcasts and provide interactive question and answer sessions.

Who Should Attend:
Safety Coordinator
Flight Safety Officer
Safety Manager
Maintenance Safety Coordinator

Topics for Discussion:
What is SMS?
Core Components of SMS
How to Develop your SMS
Implementation Plan
Templates to Get Started
Job Hazard Analysis / Risk Assessment
Company Safety Culture
Role of Safety Manager
Q & A

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