Business Aircraft Deicing Guide

This guide is available October to March.

The Business Aircraft Deicing Guide offers you and your deicing crews up-to-date guidance on the latest deicing methods, procedures and fluids. It is one of the most comprehensive guides available for De/Anti-icing operations and includes the following:

  • Effects of Contamination on Aircraft Surfaces
  • Aircraft Familiarization & Critical Areas
  • Operating Procedures & General Rules
  • Deicing & Anti-icing Fluids and Application
  • Aircraft Deicing & Anti-icing Sequence
  • Holdover Timetables
  • Aircraft Inspections & Reporting Procedures
  • Representative Aircraft Surfaces
  • Communications
  • Safety and Environmental Information
  • Fluid Storage, Handling & Testing
  • Freezing Point Buffer
  • Deicing Guide for Specific Business Aircraft