SMS Webcasts

Webcasts provide training for participants in the NATA Safety 1st Management System (SMS). They combine audio conferencing and data sharing through power point presentations using the power of the Internet. Webcasts are training sessions for the safety coordinator/officer to assist with the customization of the SMS manual. These sessions provide an opportunity for intractive and collaborative sharing with all the safety experts on the Webcast.

Upcoming Webcasts:

Webcast # 1 Tuesday, October 2nd at 1030 EDT/1430 GMT
Webcast # 2 Tuesday, October 2nd at 12:30 EDT/1630 GMT
Webcast # 3 Tuesday, October 2nd at 14:30 EDT/1830 GMT
Webcast # 4 Wednesday, October 3rd at 1030 EDT/1430 GMT
Webcast # 5 Wednesday, October 3rd at 12:30 EDT/1630 GMT
Webcast # 6 Wednesday, October 3rd at 1430 EDT/1830 GMT
Webcast # 7 Thursday, October 4th at 12:30 EDT/1630 GMT
Webcast # 8 Thursday, October 4th at 1430 EDT/1830 GMT


NATA’s Safety 1st Management System (SMS) brings you helpful assistance with your SMS manual. SMS Workshops are one-day implementation of their company’s SMS. We will conduct in-depth discussions on SMS concepts and provide helpful templates to assist with manual development. The workshops supplement the ongoing monthly Webcasts and provide interactive question and answer sessions