NATA Safety 1st Trainer Seminar

Getting all the resources together is hard work! And on top of this there’s training to be done in addition to all the regular work at your FBO. This can be more than anyone bargains for. Months pass with the best of intentions, but still no training progress is made!

Why not give your trainer two days of uninterrupted time to REALLY learn how to present your PLST program? The NATA Safety 1st Trainer Seminar is designed to motivate and guide your trainer through the NATA Safety 1st Professional Line Service Training (PLST) process. In two days, your trainer will:

Strengthen training skills with the proven tips, techniques and training guidelines of the PLST
Return eager to implement the comprehensive PLST that will make your FBO a better place for customers, employees and your bottom line
Scrutinize at least one safety training module of the NATA Safety 1st PLST

What are the benefits?

  • Coordinated training process
  • Thorough understanding of all components of the PLST
  • Networking opportunities with other trainers and supervisors
  • Inspiring tips and techniques

Covered in this Seminar:

  • Importance of training
  • Keys to successful training
  • Motivating
  • Interactive
  • Disciplined
  • Components of the PLST
  • Video viewing
  • Text resources
  • Reference sources
  • Testing modules
  • Certification procedures
  • Becoming a Management Team Member
  • Using Your Supervisory Style Effectively
  • Clarifying Your Employee Expectations
  • Theories of Motivation & their Uses
  • Using Appraisals to benefit all
  • The Positive Approach to Discipline
  • Who Controls Your Right to Hire & Fire

The course will run from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM with beverage breaks served to all attendees. (NATA reserves the right to change the order of the training curriculum due to speaker and other training considerations.)

Who should attend?

  • Line Service Supervisors
  • FBO/LineTrainers
  • Safety Officers
  • Risk Managers


Walter Chartrand
Frank Surface

This seminar will be back in 2019.